Kachemak Bay Water Trail Sites

Fishing Hole / Pier One Beach

Homer trailhead/ launch site, Located on Homer Spit behind Pier One Theater, near the Fishing Hole. Full amenities nearby. A new timber frame picnic shelter has been constructed with two accessible parking places, two accessible picnic tables.

Green Timbers

Day use area on Homer Spit. Spring bird watching area. Small parking lot.

Kachemak Drive Airport Access Road

Small boat launch in Homer, day use. Take Kachemak Drive to Kachemak Bay Research Reserve (KBRR), and a short hike down to beach, road in poor condition and a locked gate prevents vehicle access to the beach. There is room at the end of the gate to haul a kayak on wheels through and down the road to the beach.No camping. Please respect nearby private property to the east.

Eastland Creek

Cabins, rooms,camping, fire pit, outdoor toilet, creek water but needs to be purified. Dogs allowed outdoors and owners must clean up after their dogs. Check info@eastlandcreek.com or their website Eastland Creek R & R

Swift Creek Cabin

Private parcel at base of switchbacks at Swift Creek. This historic cabin and surrounding pastures are owned by Mariis (Mossy) Kilcher who is also the owner of Seaside Farm in Homer. Camping in a grove of cottonwoods makes this a great location for starting a kayak trip on the water trail. The campsite has a latrine, fire ring, picnic table, and great views of the Mts. across the bay.

Switchback Trail

4-wheel drive, narrow, steep trail, road access to upper Kachemak Bay, can launch kayaks at high tide

Chugachik Island

There are nice campsites on south shore, scenic. Room for 3-4 tents, there are two fire rings, two picnic tables, a bear proof food locker, a latrine, a tent platform and a trail register. A new trail is being developed from the campsite to the opposite side of the island, 3/10 of a mile. As of June 4, 2018 The trail is finished.

Mallard Bay

very shallow bay, enter and exit at high tide, tent platform, small stream, trailhead

Humpy Creek

Yurt, trailhead, new bridge, campsite

Glacier Spit-Grewingk Lk. Trailhead

Very popular beach. Trail to Grewingk, yurt, latrine, primitive campsites

Rusty's Lagoon

protected lagoon, primitive campsites

Right Beach

Popular campsite, outhouse,

Saddle Trail

trailhead to Grewingk Lake and Alpine Ridge, no camping

Halibut Cove Lagoon Ranger Station

boat landing facility, public use cabins, latrines, campsites, ranger on duty

Halibut Cove Lagoon Coalition Trailhead

primitive campsite, trail to China Poot Bay, scenic

Gull Island

point of interest, nesting birds, arch, scenic, no camping or landing

China Poot Bay Coalition Trail

Yurt and campsite, trailhead, very scenic

China Poot Bay Dip Net Site

red salmon dip net site-check with Fish and Game for regs. Primitive campsite

Haystack Rock

Scenic beach and Haystack Rock, yurt, primitive campsites respect nearby Seldovia Native Assoc. property-most of McKeon Spit

North Eldred Trailhead

Yurt, small primitive campsite, scenic

Sixty Foot Rock

Point of Interest, bird rookery, no camping or landing, often sea otters nearby, Please practice good stewardship and don't disturb the birds or animals

South Eldred Trailhead

nice beach, scenic, trailhead

Head of Sadie Cove

location-point of interest, head of bay is shallow, primitive campsite, difficult to get to Caution, possible high winds, Sadie 80's at times

Powerline Campsite north side

primitive campsite near the entrance to Sadie Cove, under the power line on north shore

Kayak Beach/Grace Ridge

Very popular beach, campsites, latrine, water, trail to Grace Ridge, Yurt nearby. A new tent platform was added at the south end of the beach last year. 2017 Trails Day crew added a new latrine near the tent platform.

South Grace Ridge

Nice beach, yurt, scenic, steep trail to or from Grace Ridge higher elevations

Upper Tutka Bay Campsite

A small primitive campsite nestled up in the grass where a small tributary enters the bay. Difficult to find unless you are determined.

Tutka Bay Lagoon

Site of fish hatchery, busy place during salmon season, trailhead to Jakolof and to Tutka Lake

Jakolof Trailhead

primitive campsite at head of Tutka lagoon, trail to Jakolof, lagoon is very busy during salmon season. This is not located accurately on the map.

Herring Islands

Beautiful small islands to paddle around, they are all private so explore from the water only. Please respect private property

Upper Jakalof Bay

shoreline is private but nice area to explore by small boat, please respect private property

Jakalof Bay Public Dock

Public dock suitable for larger boats, latrine, no camping, road access to Seldovia, nice bay to explore in a smaller boat. Please respect private property, oyster farms

MacDonald Spit

location point of interest, private property-please respect, interesting shoreline to explore by boat.

Seldovia Point

location point of interest, potential strong currents with tide change, shoreline is private property, please respect

Seldovia Outside Beach Park

Nice beach, developed campground, bathrooms, road access to Seldovia, Jakolof Bay

Seldovia Harbor Trailhead

Boat ramp just inside the harbor entrance, no camping but easy access to restaurants and lodging, town amenities

San Juan Island, Tutka Bay

potential future site

Upper Tutka / Tutka Falls

Very scenic,beautiful waterfall, primitive campsite, respect nearby private property fire ring, water source

Tutka Bay Campsite

Lovely and popular camp site. Fire ring, room for numerous tents, latrine Scenic.

Tutka Lake Trailhead

Established tent site. Fire ring, latrine, water, and trail signs.

Wosnesenski River

Beware, this is not an open bay or lagoon as shown on the terrain map. It is a braided, gravel river bed. It is sometimes floated by small rubber rafts from the lake upstream.

Seldovia Wilderness RV Park

The park has camping sites, water and restrooms. One can drive to it on Jakalof Bay Rd. or land on the beach near and below it then walk up a path to the park. dIt is an uphill walk. The beach landing is about 1/4 mile from the landing at the Outside Beach.

Kachemak Crack

Kachemak Crack, numerous tent sites, latrine, fire ring, some rock climbing with appropriate gear on the hundred foot high rock wall behind the campsite. This is a popular campsite and often crowded.

Seaside Farm

Historic farm with tent sites and cabins by reservation.

Otter Cove Resort

Cabins to rent by reservation. Cabins have heat, electricity, sleep four people in each of four cabins. Potable water, cook shack, flush toilets for cabin guests only, shower house, fire pit, dock. Kayak rental and water taxi service. Pets allowed on a leash, owners must clean up after them.

Cohen island

A beautiful island to paddle around to look for wildlife but it is all private property so explore from the water only. Please respect private property.

Glacier Spit

Camping along Glacier Spit is allowed but there are no facilities so Leave No Trace methods must be used. This is a sensitive bird nesting area in the spring so it is best to avoid camping here during that time. The spit is exposed to winds from the bay and cold air flow from Grewingk Glacier and Grewingk Creek.

Between Beaches

Between Beaches is a VRBO on MacDonald Spit, with a protected beach on the Kasitsna Bay side and a beach on the open ocean. This is a key location for folks paddling from Tutka Bay Area to Seldovia.

Peterson Bay Field Station

An educational field station open to the public with reservations Memorial Day-Labor Day. The Field Station provides Guided Natural History Tours. They have cabins, potable water, a kitchen, fire pit, wood, outdoor toilets, a dock and safe anchoring. Pets are not allowed.

Land's End Resort

Land's End Resort is a full service resort and restaurant located at the very end of the beautiful Homer Spit. The resort is open year round and has accessible rooms and restaurant. A great place to start or finish your trip on the Kachemak Bay Water Trail. Between the resort and the Condominiums is the preferred launch site for the sit-on kayak fishermen.

True North Kayak Adventures

True North Kayak Adventures base camp on Yukon Island. Travel from the True North office on the spit by their water taxi to the kayak base for great paddling adventures around Yukon Island, along Eldred Passage and other nearby islands, bays, coves. P.O. Box 2319 Homer, Alaska 99603 1-907-235-0708 kayak@xyz.net

True North Kayak Adventures

The office of True North Kayak Adventures is just off the Sterling Hwy. near Ramp 2 and the public restrooms. Accessibility options available on request.

True North Kayak Adventures

Bookings for kayak trips, stand up paddle board adventures, water taxi trips can be made here at the office. Wildlife viewing is a specialty. Accessibility options for mobility impaired are available on request.

Mako's Water Taxi

The Water Taxi office, trips, wildlife, fun

Cottonwood Creek

This is a small primitive campsite, a fire ring and a picnic table were recently added. No latrine available, use Leave No Trace practices.

Seldovia Harbor Inn

Waterfront rooms to rent overlooking Seldovia Harbor. Seasonal Cafe attached. Reservations are preferred but not required. Kayaks and bicycles to rent are close. Close walk to stores, shops, restaurants, harbor. (907)202-3095 info@seldoviaharborinn.com Season: May1st to Sept. 15th

Asta Gallery and Suites

www.seldoviabythesea.com yourlibof@hotmail.com 907-831-0347

Seldovia Nature Tours

Walking Tours, Birding, Botany, Tide pooling, Photography seldovianatureours@gmail.com 907-231-6981 PO Box 83, Seldovia, Ak.99663

Sea Star Cove Public Use Cabin

A delightful log cabin tucked into the forest with views of Tutka Bay and old growth forest of moss covered trees.