Eastland Creek

Private :Linda Fay Graham 907-299-1910

Lattitude: 59°45'16.2''N (59.7545)
Longitude: 151°9'43.2''W (-151.1620)

Cabins, rooms,camping, fire pit, outdoor toilet, creek water but needs to be purified. Dogs allowed outdoors and owners must clean up after their dogs. Check info@eastlandcreek.com or their website Eastland Creek R & R

View or website at eastlandcreek.com

Access Difficulty:
Extensive mud flats at low tide, plan to land an hour before, during, or an hour after high tide.



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Dave Brann

7 years ago |

Dave Brann

Water trail volunteers added a picnic table to this site.

Dave Brann

9 years ago |

Dave Brann

Website is: EastlandCreek.com