Safety Important! Please read!

Kachemak Bay is a dynamic and ever-changing water body influenced by wind, tides and currents. Tidal fluctuations of as much as 25 feet can leave the unsuspecting boater high and dry, or facing strong currents or rip tides if proper precautions are not taken! Smart paddlers and boaters will:

  1. Be weather-wise: check with the National Weather Service at:
  2. Be clothes-wise: Even if it is sunny and warm when you leave, you should prepare for the North Pacific's cool, wet, windy climate. Bring extra clothing and adequate rain gear.
  3. Be boat-wise: Check your boat out thoroughly before you leave shore. You can download a Pre-Departure Checklist from the U.S. Coast Guard at:
  4. Be float-wise: Make sure you have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket of correct size and type for you and every passenger (and, on the water, make sure they are worn, not just stowed).
  5. Additional safety-related links include: Kachemak Bay Supplement

Basic Considerations for a safe Water Trail Trip should include the following:

  1. Emergency Information and a Trip Plan.
  2. Weather Forecast
  3. Tides and currents
  4. Navigation
  5. Communications
  6. Big Ship/Little Boat
  7. In Water Survival
  8. Paddle Safety and Safety Gear
  9. Location of Potable Water
  10. Wildlife Interaction

Please keep in mind that Local Knowledge is an important aspect of a safe and fun trip. First time users and inexperienced boaters should consider hiring a guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Local guides can be found through the Chambers of Commerce.