Swift Creek Cabin

Private :Mossy Kilcher

Lattitude: 59°47'15.36''N (59.7876)
Longitude: 151°5'9.6''W (-151.0860)

Private parcel at base of switchbacks at Swift Creek. This historic cabin and surrounding pastures are owned by Mariis (Mossy) Kilcher who is also the owner of Seaside Farm in Homer. Camping in a grove of cottonwoods makes this a great location for starting a kayak trip on the water trail. The campsite has a latrine, fire ring, picnic table, and great views of the Mts. across the bay.

Contact Seaside Farms for information on vehicle access, parking, kayak storage and camping.

Vessel Access:
Follow East End Road to the end then continue on a dirt road through the village of Voznesenka to the parking area at the top of the Switchback Trail.

Access Difficulty:
The Switchback Trail is a very steep, four-wheel drive, single lane road from the top of the bluff to the beach. It is not suitable for vehicles with trailers or oversized vehicles such as motorhomes.
It is recommended to arrange a shuttle with someone that is familiar with the road.

Narrow, steep, trail. Muddy and slippery after rains and during break-up.



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Dave Brann

8 years ago |

Dave Brann

Volunteers weed whacked the campsite, added a fire ring and installed a rain gutter collection system for fire safety. Make sure there is water available, from the bucket or from the stream beyond the cabin before starting a campfire.