Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Dave Brann (Co-Chair) - A retired teacher and active outdoorsman, Dave loves to create trails that invite people to enjoy the local wild lands and water. He is active with the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club, the Homer Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, The Wooden Boat Society, and Rotary. 


Devony Lehner (Secretary) - A conservationist with Homer Soil and Water Conservation District and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Devony loves anything to do with helping folks understand and treasure their natural environment, watershed-by-water-shed, wetland-by-wetland.  She's an avid horse person and has a contented herd of four- all freebees who've found a home with her.


Brad Charters (Treasurer)  - Professionally a hotel auditor employed by Land's End Resort in Homer, Alaska, so should have a good sense for numbers-but who has lost sight of a reasonable number of paddle craft... owner of (4) canoes and (5) kayaks. Introduced to canoe paddling at a YMCA summer camp in the mid-1950's. I always wanted a canoe, it only took 50 years for that to happen. I paddle fresh water wilderness-the Canoe Trails of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Swan Lake and Swanson River) and open salt water (Kachemak and Resurrection Bays) An interest in knowing the waters of Kachemak Bay better attracted me to the KBWT, and a positive response to a public question hooked me. Near future ("retirement") paddling plans include several segments of the NFCT (Northern Forest Canoe Trail) next year (2014). A 500 mile float down the Yukon River (2015) and exploring the Inside Passage Waters of Southeast Alaska.


Robert Archibald (Co-Chair) Robert is a professional mariner and has worked around the world on various types of vessels. He is currently the Chief Engineer on a Tanker Escort Tug in Valdez, AK.  Robert is a skilled hand at a wide range of outdoor activities - from boating, skiing, and riding horses to working on trails.  Robert and his wife Roberta have traveled through Europe and Africa on horses, canoed parts of Yukon River and rafted many Alaskan Rivers. He was instrumental in  making the Homer Highland Games a reality.


Kris Holderied - Kris is the director of NOAA's Kasitsna Bay Laboratory and a physical oceanographer. The lab sits on the south side of Kachemak Bay, is jointly operated by NOAA and the University of Alaska Fairbanks and supports coastal marine science research (including scientific diving), university classes, and K-12 student science camps. Below are photos from a blog article Kris wrote about cold water diver training at the lab . Check out the article at:   See lab websites: and


Aron Peterson - I retired to the beautiful area of Homer, Alaska.  I grew up an avid 4H-er on a dairy farm in Western Michigan and worked in residential and commercial construction.  I earned a BS degree in biology with a minor in geology from Central Michigan University.  I did graduate work in cardiovascular and renal physiology at Ruters University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  I worked 40 years as a Senior Researh Scientist at Bristol-Meyers Squibb, a leading pharmaceutical company.  I am married to Jeanne, we have three children and six grandchildren.  I love anything outdoors and am learning to fly my Cessna 150.  I currently serve on the Kachemak Bay State Park Adisory Board, am a member of the Kachemak Bay Water Trail Committee and was honored by the Friends of Kachemak Bay State Park with the Golden Pulaski Volunteer Award in 2016.


Sandy Murray - KBWT's Seldovia representative, Sandy has been active in Seldovia's Parks, Recreation and Trails Committee since its 1986 inception and has served as either chair or secretary through the years. She was instrumental in creating the Otterbahn Trail boardwalk across the lagoon and makes sure that the Otterbahn Trail, the Rocky Ridge Trail, and Tutka Bay Trails in the Seldovia area are ready for hikers. A work in progress is the SHARE (Seldovia Hall for Arts, Recreation and Education) project to build a music and dance hall at the Wilderness RV Park. Currently she's also Secretary of the borough's Seldovia Recreation Service Area Board. She and her husband, Jere, were named Seldovia's Citizens of the Year.


Jason Okuly-Ranger, Kachemak Bay State Park.  I was born in Holland, Michigan.  I went to Grand Valley State University where I received a degree in Natural Resource Management.  I traveled throughout the lower 48 doing summer seasonal work as a bio tech, landscaper, wetland technician, trail worker, and other odd jobs.  I livened in Montana, North Dakota, Washington, and Oregon, always wanting to try Alaska.  In 2011 I was hired as a Kenai River Ranger for AK State Parks and worked the river for three years prior to accepting my job in Homer in 2014.  As a seasonal employee I loved traveling third world countries, working at ski resorts, and spending time with my beautiful wife, Mallory.  We wed in September of 2014. 

Brad Garasky - Park Ranger, Kachemak Bay State Park
Having the opportunity to grow up living, working, and playing in and around some amazingly wild and natural places such as: the California Coast, Sierra Nevada Range, Mojave Desert, and the mountains, rivers, and lakes of Northern Idaho, instilled a sense of wonder, awe, and respect for the natural environment in me.
This passion for the outdoors has led me down a path that includes a degree in Recreation Management and a career that has involved work in both the public and private sectors of the Natural Resource and Recreation/Tourism fields.
The desire to protect these resources and provide the experiences and enjoyment these places bring to others eventually landed me in Alaska, where I had the opportunity to experience the true Alaskan Wilderness Dream and live amongst the many Coastal Brown Bears that inhabit the Alaskan Peninsula, earning me the nickname "The Bear Whisperer".
Eventually, seeking a bit of civilization and socialization, I discovered Homer and knew immediately this place was meant for me.  I feel lucky and grateful to now call Homer home, where I can live, work, play, and help share the experiences of this amazing place with others.



Martin Schuster-Martin is a lifelong Alaskan but a new resident to Homer.  He recentl started job with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a shellfish research biologist.  Martin studied Marine Biolog in Fairbanks and has worked as a fisheries technician and research diver throughout Alaska and the Antarctic.  He is not a skilled paddler et, but loves hiking in Kachemak Ba State Park and hopes to explore more of the coastline via kaak in the future.


Kim Powell-Kim came to Alaska four ears ago to pursue a Masters Degree in Marine Biolog at UAF.  She ended up loving Alaska so muchm she never left, and after graduating, moved to Homer.  During grad school she worked in the Arctic on an icebreaker and around Alaska as a research diver.  After school, Kim spent time in Aleknagik working with Sockee salmon.  She recentl started a job as a contractor for NOAA orking on the Gulf Watch Alaska Project which helps monitor beautiful Kachemak Ba and Cook Inlet.  Kim is an avid hiker across the ba and is excited to discover a new dimension through paddling along the water trail!


Bill Hague-Farm boy from Indiana living the dream in Homer, Alaska.  Retired from multiple careers: teacher, soldier, farmer, sailor and public safety officier.




Outreach and Education Subcommittee

  • Robert Archibald
  • Dave Brann
  • Andrew Haas
  • Kris Holderied
  • Sandy Murray
  • Taz Talley

Launch Site Working Group

  • Robert Archibald
  • Dave Brann
  • Sandy Murray


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