Association and Goals

The Kachemak Bay Water Trail Association

The Kachemak Bay Water Trail Association (KBWTA) is a volunteer group made up of folks from Kachemak Bay communities, from Homer to Seldovia. We are youngish and oldish, working and retired, adventurous and prudent, and we all share a deep love of this extraordinary bay and the adventures it offers, as well as affection and respect for the people who choose to live here or come to visit.

Our story began in 2011 and our progress to date rests with our hard-working volunteers and assistance from government agencies and other stakeholder groups.

Our Process

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Adventure Beyond the End of the Road: 
A 125-mile water trail that inspires exploration, understanding, and stewardship of the natural treasure that is Kachemak Bay. 

KBWT Goals

Economic Vitality: Support the economic vitality and creativity of local communities, and draw people from around the world to its unique environmental richness and stunning scenic beauty.

Safety: Offer user-friendly tools to help users find just the right route and guidance for their own safe and stimulating journey of "Adventure Beyond the End of the Road."

Stewardship:  Promote awareness and stewardship of the sensitive habitats on which many plants and animals depend, including the thousands of birds that stop over in the bay as they migrate to and from their breeding areas.

Science, Cultural, and Archeological Education: Promote learning about ecosystems, heritage sites, stewardship, and coastal communities.

Fun!  Connect individuals and places along its length - from Homer to Seldovia - in understanding and celebrating what they share.

Active Kids and Families and Healthy Communities: Help families and kids be active outdoors and promote healthy communities.

Diversity of Recreational Opportunities: Enable people of all abilities to experience the wild and scenic places around Kachemak Bay, now and for generations to come.

Respect: Promote an ethic of respect for public, private, and Alaska Native Lands and traditional sites.

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